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zoezane [userpic]

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April 20th, 2015 (12:03 pm)

zoezane [userpic]

Zoe Zane No Worries

April 20th, 2015 (09:46 pm)

current mood: peaceful

I pulled a angel card telling me not to worry about anything.  When you worry it pushes away what you want.  Self-fullfilled prophecy, Zoe.  Keep positive and it will turn out even better than you imagine.  Foucs on pink light, heart energy,  The heart is power healing energy.  We, the angels are here for you and hear all your prayers.

zoezane [userpic]

inspire myself

April 20th, 2015 (10:03 pm)

Let people know genius is not so much talent as it is ATTITUDE. It is a DECISION that you can do well at anything you make up your mind to do...Bring the best of yourself to the surface and give the project all you've got.

- Sandra Gallagher - President and CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute

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