June 10th, 2015

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Cougar Commands

Zoe ..... picture us alone in a erotic bungalow. You are on a soft silk sheet topless, calling me. I see you on the bed holding a red rose in my strong hand. You call me over, pull me out, remove your panties then start your lick technique. Working your way up, take off my shirt, nozzle here and there, nipples, neck, then we kiss. Naked skins embrace in golden sheets, I explore you by kissing your holy of holies, then your excited chest. Grabbing me, NOW on top, face to face, you mawling my chest, I squeeze your cheeks.  Arching your neck back, I massage your nips while you rub your holy of holies, ridding me. Swinging sideways, more kisses, rubbing each others arms and limbs in bliss. Into six hot nine, you let out loudly your Almighty "O" and I shoot.  You cougar me commanding more. Grab my hair pull me in and you off "O" again and again on my lips. Heavy breathing, big sighs which turns soft and gentle injoy together.  Our energies embracing together as one.  I carry you to the bathroom in my arms to lavendar scented filled tube.  We resting in each others skins as rose petals floating around in our lovely waters.  My Mr. E.