June 12th, 2015

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Professional Female Domination Via Internet, video Phone
Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond San Jose, California USA
Zoe Zane Eros

2015, evolved technology (computers, Skype, live cam and smart phones, video conferences) provides BDSM entertainment for clients all over the world.

In person, one on one domination, the touch of my hand sis not there in phone video domination.  BUT, my eros video commands are dramatic, real and actress connecting.  I love what I do and clients feel and know it.  Energy is exchanged between myself and the male sub..  I'm engaged and heart binding.  I have the submissive perform certain acts on himself like directed punishments, they must listen and follow directions, finish assignments etc.  Good training for real life interaction with real people.  Many subs play out their fantasies all alone. My added fetish treat, his tailored video with a real life Mistress who cares about his fetish etc. Accepting and assuring at ALL times for their quirky fetish.

Domination by Video Phone: Sexy strong words filled with emotion and psychological knowledge from Fetish Diva Diamond.  Focused, dramatic theater by skilled fetish actress. Background: theater arts, New York modern dance Martha Graham, RDT Utah Dance Compay, BYU University Ballet, over 400 Internet Live Cam Shows CamZ, iFriends.net, Howard SternTV
B I T C H, I'm Queen FDD.

Guide submissive by video, I see everything that is being done and correct the sub as needed.  The sub relaxs and surrender his power to his Diva.  He needs to give up his control to be balance. Too much control and power is stressful.  And in the male subs real world he can't say I don't want to be in charge anymore.  In my world give it up is encouaged and required.

Safe bondage and the sub is comfortable.  I'm  experienced with self bondage so the sub doesn't put himself into a dangerous situation. Many times subs without guidance call 911.  Rushed to the hospital with black garbage bag over their heads, they don't want anyone to know they messed up.  Humiliated and embarrassed.  Would you like to see my fetish black book?

Obedience training.  I easily give assignments I want carried out over the phone for my glorious satisfaction.  I can go along with the sub on HIS assignment, listening to insure tasks are carried out properly.  Proof it is done, send photos by phone. Dressed in pink sayin maid's outfit,  to tease and denial with self masturbation at my command.

Assignments: my approval, positive well done to reprimanding words of disappointment.  The sub knows he has failed and makes sure he makes it right for his Mistress. Dutiful subs will make things up by performing way beyond their normal behaviors.  It's most important the sub pleases his Queen.  I scold or punish the sub with various creative ways.  My most favorite is humiliation with laughter.  For example no sugar 24 hours, write most treasured bad school boybfantasies by email or wear my silky panties to his corporate meeting. At the end of the day, wear a bra and drive home.

Trust your submissive that he is going to carry out your instructions. Confidence in his performance and it is going to work well.  The relationship over the video phone session is real as if both are in each others presence.  This trust in the sub will be enjoyable by him and myself Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane Eros

Fetish Diva Diamond
San Jose California USAfor bad school boys
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