July 12th, 2015

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I love Frankincense Oil doTerra

20 Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

  1. Supports immune system

  2. Slows the appearance of aging skin

  3. Diminishes scars

  4. Calms and relaxes

  5. Soothes mild cuts, wounds, scrapes, and rashes

  6. A great oil to add to blends! Helps enhance the effects of other oils

  7. Good for keeping gums healthy

  8. Helps insomnia and promotes sleep

  9. Helps vision

  10. Balances hormones and PMS

  11. Helps ease headaches and migraines

  12. Assists in nasal congestion and eases the swelling of nasal passages

  13. Good help against sore throats

  14. Helps mental clarity

  15. Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension

  16. Helps ease the pain and symptoms of sunburn

  17. Helps with feelings of worthlessness

  18. Soothing for those who are mourning

  19. Helps the brain function at its best

  20. Great for meditation and spiritual uses

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