September 7th, 2015

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My crazy life

well  ...... my facebook page was banned by a jealous human, it felt threathened by me  ?????    WTF.  So .... I set up another facebook page thinking my 5000 sex rebels was gone forever.  But I got it back, had to post my real name.  Facebook does not care about a person's private life.  FUCK FB.  I missed all my great friends who have supported me this past year.  When I set up the new facebook page it asked yahoo mail contacts to join.  OKAY.  But pushed a notice to my daughter-in-law who is a snob and religious freak.   She was one of the contacts.  OH NO.  My fault.  My daughter-in-law has been secretly reading my sites.  She is heavy into the LDS Chruch Mormonism and a downer.  She wants to know more about my porn star but would stab me in the back.  She told my stripper daughter that she went to my facebook and read the whole page.  LOL.  I have a daughter-in-law stalker.  WTF. I've blocked her from all my pages and emails.  She has a boring life that lives for drama and then likes to slam anything or anyone who is not Mormon. She is a SELF-RIGHTEOUS LDS CHURCH Mormon stalker.  OFM.  I will never trust her with anything every again.  NOT EVER.  The less she knows the better.  This last year I've worked hard to get me and my kids back together again. Divorcing the LDS Church Mormonism was great pain for all of us.  I thought I lost my kids but that has changed.  My snoopy daughter-in-law who is not my blood line and will be boxed out forever.  She will cause everyone a lot of pain with her ignorant religious LDS Church attitude.  Zoe Zane Mature MILF Celebrity Porn Star