December 28th, 2015

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Your Boss is a Spolied Brat

Wall Strret Boss Makes Male Stff Strip

Eyes wide, intelligent Male, age 31 reads email note . . . . .

Atten:  Evaluation Meeting Tonight, buy/sell for high risk stock groups.  Concerned numbers are not satisfactory.

Wear black shirt & white silk tie, Versace long black coat.  If not dressed as asked, another male is wanting.

Be prepared to show stats and take orders.  Code word -intrigue.  Be on time, 9PM EST top floor, trade center room FM.

Rumors are true, ONLY select few!

Intelligent male's thoughts, "What does MMSWYD mean?  My Monkeys Surprise Will Widen Deep" smiling.

Zoe Zane -CEO Exchange & Arrange You

MMSWYD Enterprises

New York, New York USA