March 24th, 2016

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I will market the way for over 50 succeeding! I am the leader for age defying. Zoe Zane

Help Me God, Jesus and every angel sent to help us in this world.  I need all your help forever.  Please put up a strong shield to stop those daggers from entering my body.  My ex-husband of the LDS Church Mormonism is attacking me again.

You all know I hired emotion and body practitioners to get rid of trauma from my childhood.  Shock me, I was molested by my crazy Demon Dad at 2 weeks old.  Yeah, lets not talk about this.  When I do talk about it, I see the pain in your face and words.  Thank God I blocked it out.  I actually disconnected from Spirit and body to survive.

I'm writing a health book to help 20 million people.  It will be out at the right time although, I have started my e-book on my adult site. Yes a porn star has a brain and a expert on losing belly fat. Okay, there is tons of info out there.....but not my way! I have spent lots of money and tested it.  What I know works.

Now about the shout out about the hateful ex-husband and his steal saboteurs.  Last weekend, I was going to sleep and felt several blows to my heart.  It was painful.  No worries, I did not have a heart attack ...BUT a hate attack from the ex-husband.  Every time he goes over to the mid-mod Utah house where my daughters live he sends me hate from his negative soul.  His low vibration attracts entities.

Honestly ...... seriously,  I feel bad for the guy because he is missing the whole message of the good life.  He's a victim of the Mormon church's patriarchal  ways.  Yeah, all the men in the Mormon church are victims, brain washed and deceived by a warped religion. The truth has been twisted for Church leader's gain.  I spent more money undo the negative brain washing from the Church.  It was running my life but not now.  I used

His second divorced wife died last year.  She cleaned his clock and he sent her daggers.  I'm sure it killed her.  Six months into the marriage she called me wanting to know how I put up with him for 17 years.

Zoe Zane is a pillar of strength.  Watch and see what I do life.  Here I come bitches.  Granny's Got Grill.  I have earned it for life gave me grill.  And, I am marketing the way for humans over 50.

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