March 28th, 2016

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Hacked by Porn Star Escort site OFM!!! on Easter Sunday

McAffe Virus Software sucks.  Easter Sunday was hacked, D A M N shit I'm fucked, by porn star escort site (porn star escorts are the latest trend on the Net. Nina was on eros LA for $1500 an hour). Zoe on the computer with India tech support, cleaned up the hack carp and installed a new virus software COMODO Geek.  India is humid and hot today like Bikram yoga.  What the H.  I wonder if tech's company placed a virus file to hack surfers?  FUA "fuck us all" and stated boldly with frustrated words, "I'm sure your boss would not tell you how they have placed malicious bugs on porn sites to make their millions.  If your company knows how to clean up, I'm sure it knows how to hack".  No comment from support.  His words, "No worries Mama, we will clean it all up".  Zoe is grumpy cat. I'm good about not being hacked for I've been seriously hacked in the past. Pensively watched 3 techs cleaned my computer and did not learn much. Remote service:  sitting in from of my computer, I watched the arrow move around from file to file. Took forever.  LOL.

I've hung out with hundreds of geeks in San Jose, California.  Flash back, what is that, email?  And the guy from education who crashed my huge cream colored computer with his free sites for this and that.  Drove to San Jose FRYS, bought one of the first big ass Sony laptops that weighed 25 lbs.  Did you get one of then too?  Laughing.  I still have my big ass SONY laptop in storage.  Like, a piece of geek art history for sure.  Sony knows how.  Yes!

Well it was a set up and I stopped my credit card to stop the virus hacker company, then I uploaded new geek squad software - remote service with geek squad, they know what they are doing.  I unfucked myself,  Be careful when you search for Puma Swede porn star escort. That is where it came from.  I'm glad my porn name zoezane is not sending out grief to surfers.

BLS*COMODO 888-3516105 NJ