April 24th, 2016

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Zoe Zane made porn movies and did not know where they went

I started as a provider before making porn movies (porn star).  I came home to Santa Clara/Silicon Valley CA USA before GOOGLE was born.  What is google, silly name.  Kitty Foxx was after me to make porn movies with her.  At age 51, I made my first movie.  Kitty was a very important mentors to my stardom.  My old boyfriend liked the idea I was a slutty whore girlfriend.  He wanted to marry one but I never married him.  He tried to make me do a lot of things but I never did it his way.  He wanted a street whore not a porn star girlfirend (maybe I am both, is that what you are thinking ?  ha ha ha)

I found these photos of the Porn Movie "Kittys Kapers #9 (23 min scene).  I did a lot of video.  Where the content went I did not kow.  But I'm finding what I did as a porn star.  In 1995, I kept my life and porn star separate.  Most of my work was in San Jose CA USA.  Today, the trend is porn star movies.  Zoe Zane the erotic review.

The Eriotic Review is ready for a refesh on my stats.  I've asked the webmaster to update my stat information.  I'm pleased at my reviews.  Yes, I'm a slutty porn star and most guys want their girlfriend to do in the bedroom.


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