May 4th, 2016

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The Brain

Our brain is where our health starts.  Healthy brain, strong body.
Overcoming brain washing has been a challenge.
Yeak yeah yeah, Zoe Zane is wild BUT ..... overcoming old programming with psych-K and Bruce Lipton.
My new statement:  I can go wherever I want whenever I want and do what I WANT TO DO !!!
The negative programmers are up in arms over that statement.  The first time I read it I felt liberated.

Everyone has old programs running their lives.  I am one of many who are on a mission to heal themselves
My parents were down my throat all the time as a child.  When it comes up in my mind I see this:  Zoe Zane is a cute sparkling
fairy with a Star Wars Wand. ....>>>smack you>!@#$%^&*( !  ...bam bam bam blast you over and over .....
when my parents get DOWN on me
in my mind. I blast them over and over till they are laughing.