June 29th, 2016

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I never tell my dreams to the public.  Last night, I had a significant dream left me in high erotic feelings, this morning  I'm wearing my favorite red, PVC platforms and red dotted halted dress.  Jesus walks up to me holds me close to him by my waist.  He kisses me, very yummy. embraced in our love.  I walk down the hill of green grass as Jesus looks with admiration and love for me.  I felt his eyes all over my happy body.  The male actor was Eric Stoltz.  Zoe Zane Porn Star Movies was kissing Jesus Eric Stoltz.  HUM???  That's a new idea for a main stream celebrity sex film.  Mature Porn Star falls in love with Jesus who is Celebrity Eric Stoltz.

Eric Stoltz who played Jesus in films Jesus and Hutch and Fallen Angels