July 1st, 2016

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Want you to know that HE, Jesus LOVES Porn Stars, Pro Doms, Body Rubs, Street Walkers, Amateur Housewives.....phone sex girl, STRIPPERS.  If I missed something let me know.  Jesus LOVS ALL sex workers.  If you turned off the light THAT'S okay ..... he still loves you.
HONESTLY I do not care what you think for I KNOW I AM LOVED BY GREAT HIGH ENERGY.

Zoe Zane Blogger
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as a small child the abuse by my parents was TERRIBLE - I had no love or identity.  I raised myself.  You must be connected to SPIRIT for optimal health. Call it what you want I do not care for I AM LOVED.  I will be on a top TV show about how I overcame the jaws of HELL.  If atheist, wiccan OKAY.  There is hope, believe in the THE FIELD by Bruce Lipton and worldwide scientist.  It is confirmed that what we can not see is where we create OUR world and not our genes.  Millions have been hurt.  I get your HURT.
Zoe Zan Blogger
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

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