July 19th, 2016

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Today Kitty Foxx and her hubby Alan would be shocked watching the abusive porn sex on the Internet. I've posted
our videos on Pornhub. I DO NOT LIKE the abusive porn trailers towards women. I hurry as fast as I can with the video update. Huge dicks bamming female butts is OUCH! .....LIKE did she go to the doctor to numb out her ass OR soooooo drunk she's a rag doll? I think so.

A close pro dom girlfriend friend of mine does not feel sorry for women when men abuse them. She had a ex-husband break her jaw with his anger. She waited a year and hit his head with a iron flying pan XMAS dinner. LOL. She cracked his head open.

I've watched Gay porn in the Castro District San Francisco (adult shop). WOW! I think men to men can handle hardcore ass sex. BUT a straight male plowing his dick INTO a tiny girl ass is criminal.

For a long time, I liked ass fucking but then my colon cramped so bad I stopped. HONESTLY, ass fucking does hurt and feel good at the same time. I creamed a lot of dick with my ass cumming. If I do it in a future porn video, I better like the guy. IF the guy sucks no ass fuck for HIM.

ZOE thoughts: I want to fuck his ass first even if he doesn'tt like it for the money. Will he do it? NO. If straight men do not like THEIR butts fuck they will not do it for the money. How do I know, I have fucked a lot of men in the ass with my strap-On.

Zoe Zane Porn Star Movies aka Diva Diamond San Francisco pro-dom 2016
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Female Porn Stars - Sex Abuse ?

A lot of men TODAY watch porn and think that's how to have great sex. Porn is not real. It's fantasy. Hello shock your brain, jock. Porn is a QUICK WAY to get OFF fast. When a guy orgasms to 2016 HARDCORE, female porn stars, those sex scenes can be abusive to the women (ask Rita Daniels). The guy thinks ALL porn stars like it that way. He thinks all women want sex like those porn stars. Last week, my provider experience, this guy saw me and thought he could slap me around OR do WHATEVER he wanted. I told him, "BE SOFT, it turns me on." HE SAID, "...WHY? You are a porn star. I can do what I want with you." ----WHAT THE CRAP. I said back, "ZOE, is NOT one of those abused female porn stars!" Did he get away with it, abusing me? FUCK NO. Will I see him again. NEVER AGAIN. I blocked his phone number on my iPhone.