August 9th, 2016

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No Man will give money to sugar baby knowing no sex involved ...UNLESS

After reading this email there might be one place in the sex worker's world this might happen.  STRIPPERS & FEMALE DOMINATION

Hi Zoe Zane,

There are many differences between a sugar baby and an escort.  In my mind (MISS S), they couldn’t be more different.  Unfortunately, the media has sometimes conflated the two, which seems to have caused a lot of this confusion.

The main difference between an escort and a sugar baby has to do with the depth of the relationship, and the presumed exchange of sex for money. Unlike an escort, a sugar baby is never under any obligation to have sex with a man she’s just met.  A sugar baby can date a sugar daddy for weeks to months without every having sex with him, whereas the same situation just wouldn’t work for an escort.

The intentions behind most sugar relationships are different as well. A sugar baby and a sugar daddy are not meeting up purely to exchange money for sex, but instead to form a long-term intimate relationship.  In fact, I would say that sugar dating follows more of a traditional model. The sugar baby brings her youth, beauty, and enthusiasm for life, while the sugar daddy brings his experience, his knowledge, and his ability to provide for a certain lifestyle.  As they get to know one another, intimacy is something that naturally occurs.  There’s no need to fake it here.

In many cultures, the sugar relationship is considered the ideal romantic relationship.  Only in Western culture have we stigmatized the idea that a man providing for a woman should be unattractive or suspect. In addition to being provided for, most sugar daddies offer a mentor role, helping sugar babies in their professional lives.  None of this would be given to an escort.

The best advice I have is to remember that as a sugar baby, this relationship is as much about you as it is about him.  So, have fun and enjoy each other!

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Wishing you the best on your sugar adventures,


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