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zoezane [userpic]

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

January 14th, 2017 (07:53 pm)


1.  As child, I out did all the boys in any sport.  My neighbors thought I was a cute boy.
2.  I can't stand hamburgers and the smell makes me want to throw up.

3.  At 9 years old, I had my own paper route.

4.  I played the violin in Junior High.

5.  I never helped my Mom clean house but today I'm a cleaning fool with my own house.

6.  I made most of my own clothes as a teenager. 

7.  I hated Church and ran off to the candy store every Sunday afternoon.

8.  I forget what I've eaten during the day so I write it down.

9.  My first pet was a pollywog. 

10.  At age 4, I made mud pies and ate the mud.  eek! 

11.  I delivered all my kids with no drugs during birth.

12.  I worked in "DOLE" cannery San Jose California for 3 days.  It was awful! 

13.  My fourth grade teacher inspired me to me an artist. 

14.  I can write with both of my hands. 

15.  I got myself off on monkey bars at age five in front of my classmates. 

16.  At stop lights, I sing by favorite songs in my car. 

17.  I was obsessed with weighing myself on a scale and stopped 3 years ago.

18.  I did not know how smart I was until I made porn movies for the Internet. 

19.  I've was mentored by 1000's of men about sex as a phone sex girl. 

20.  My favorite drink is "Synergy" kombucha. 

21.  I love to make things up with creative people.

22.  I'm making a hat from the hair of my 3 male cats! 

23.  My real life story is like Harry Potter.

24.  I love my Facebook page, all those requests for nude pics/video doesn't bother me anymore.  I ignore them and do what makes me happy. 

25.  I will be 70 years old January 27, 2017. 

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