January 22nd, 2018

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Hi Miss Zoe,

As a younger guy who loves sex with mature and older ladies your site gives me a lot of pleasure.
As you can imagine getting to have sex with mature and older ladies is not that easy. At my age, 28, I don't get to meet a lot of older ladies that really turns me on.
Girls my own age are easy but they do nothing for me and and mature dating or sex sites, it's hit and miss.
But until I can find that, I'm so pleased that you have your site that it gives me the opportunity to masturbate over you and your photos!
I look forward to your updates so i can wank my rock hard cock over you, or just set my favorite photos of you to slideshow and lay back watching you with my cock in hand.
I love to cum home, strip off, squeeze and rub my cock till its so hard and then take a soft firm grip of my shaft and start stroking up and down thinking of YOU touching and fucking you.
I love that you will be 71 in two days! I would love to and its one of my top things to achieve this year is to have sex with a lady over 70.
I like to print out your photos and then cum on them, as if i was cumming on you.
Yes i do have my stiff cock out at the moment and after sending this I will be going back to wanking over you...
Thanks and Take Care -Wanker 28