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zoezane [userpic]


May 24th, 2018 (09:24 am)

As an adult entertainer, I've witnessed and experienced how little people know about sex. Sex can be a "huge taboo" for most people, therefore not studied or refined. Cultural beliefs and mass religions for centuries have influenced the wiring of our brains. These cultural beliefs about sex were created by locked in logic minds, their interpretation of words and ideas. Our brains have been wired with this negative information that runs our sex lives.

Today, 2018 on-line videos are not good examples for enjoyable sex. Those videos are for stimulation and arousal. Unfortunately, some videos are extremely abusive and send false sounds and pictures. If we get the wrong information about sex it stays with us. But, there is hope for our sexual selves. Our subconscious mind about sex can easily be changed.

Psych-K Energy Facilitator Zoe Zane

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