December 3rd, 2018

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I’m a male corporate work-bitch in the land of computers.  My life, right now is the eighty hour week, multi-tasking, list freak for brain overload, mountains of anxiety, sleep deprivation.  This Silicon Valley Corporate Dominatrix, a demanding money hungry, Beast Mistress.

My well-hidden fantasy:  It’s overdue to serve a real, live Boss Mistress, a living, breathing female that knows my what I need.  When I find her, I’ll say out loud, “Please show me, tell me how to be your bitch slave, Boss Mistress, below is my resume”.

Enthic history:  for centuries, the men in my culture have left a legacy of racism and slavery towards women.  I’m not one of them and begging you, Pink Hair Boss Mistress for your female supremacy and domination.  Your long legs in black sheers makes me eager and shake like a bowl of jelly.  I come at all costs to serve, cook, wash dishes, clean toilets etc. Whatever you want, I’ll do it right now.

It’s a Huge Relief, your rebellious, bitch slave to let it go.   I‘m killing my old male self, death to the patriarchy.  My inherited, entitlement as a male has been swiped clean by your body, mind and spirit.

The Pink Super thoughts:  Marilyn Monroe was and still is a Goddess.  The Hollywood Patriarchs killed her.  She was pure love and abandoned by too many users.  God bless you Marilyn Monroe.  She is my Mother!