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A Long Day

Up at 5 AM, hawking on a ticker that's getting slammed by a number's cruncher Baird, I want to erase.  I think the ticker I'm watching has caused a earthquake on Wall Street.  I gets me how one person can scare millions. I am sticking to my rules baby.  Tonight I talked on a colored iPhone with one of my yoga girlfriend's boyfriend.  Just talking with him makes me believe I can have it all.  I think men like the idea of a ballzy woman who is brave and strong.  I could hear it in his voice when he chatted about the ticker.  He wanted to know my hair color.  I told his girlfriend I produce porn.  She can take it.  I love her so much.   I would never go between this couple.  I would rather have their friendship.  I know he has a male friend that would fall head over hell in love with me.  I have great value and Danish long legs.  HA HA HA

I miss Sexy Miss Lizz and our craziness together.  When the right time shows it's face, we will fly together and own the town.

I know I am dealing with a whacked set of idiot balls .....THAT is making sure to get ripped off.  A total given, throwing it's $$$$$ away on falsehoods. I bet warned by close friends but ignores their advice. It does not care IF it is ripped off.  WTF.  I think desperate depressed hangs on for anything to pay attention.  Too many times has it failed and will do anything for it's major abuse.  So I will let it go down till both balls have disappeared looking for fake kisses. Time is runny out and I will lie to kiss you and I do not even know you.  If it thinks I am psychic ...... I AM!!!!!

All I need is a tiny window of joy from Florida and I have so much to look forward to in the future.
Tonight in Bikram yoga room, my challenge is to endure the pain.  Something good is coming out of suffering 101.
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