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Society of Dominant Women "Financial Domination"

As written before I have acquired close confident friendships with dominant women (Bikram yoga class). None of them are named Ms. Poision who abused herself in her hatred for American men.  WTF.  My dominant friend drives a http://www.astonmartin.com/ (Pebble Beach) with her submissive dancer girlfriend.  They are both blond and thick boned.  The submissive one approached me asking IF we could talk after class.  I said yes and meet with her dominate blond Goddess Mistress.  This happened over a month ago, our tiny encounter has blossomed into a trusting relationship with Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond.  Both women know what I do for living and most impressed.  My reason for this female domination report is most hilarious.  Both women told me the cold hard facts about some women from overseas.  I heard rumors but know the truth.  Most women from their country come from a hard life.  For them to find a better life they go after American conservative, retired white men.  Since I do financial domination, I heard that foreign women are very calculating in their nice, smiling friendly ways (I love and kiss you honey bunny) to attract desperate men who are looking to get married (to anyone who will have them).  The male must have been divorced several times, retired with much money (they told me the men spill their gutz out, who they worked for, their retirement assets, easily giving address to where they live).  LOL.  Men like this might have done their life long job with intelligent honors, but in the love department failed.  It's a hidden fact these men will be taken advantage of by dominating women.  The dominant Mistress calls these men "American Dead Horses" in the love department. Also the loser males does not care if they are stolen from or lied too.  Men who have been losers in the love department will pay hug amounts of money to dominant women and KNOW they are being taken advantage of.  The male loser goes from one women to another, has several on the string or playing the field just so HE is not alone.  They will pay dominant women $$$$$ to stay out of depression.  OMG.  These male losers live in their fantasies in some tiny hope for love and marriage.  What happens, the male loser finds out he has been used and moves onto another women who takes advantage of him.  The male loser will even ignore close friend's advise and not care that he is being taken.  Is this a funny story or what ..... so funny .....ha ha ha.

After I heard what they do to male losers ..... they laughed out loud how American men are American Dead Ponies?  How they have one male on the string or is that ..... in the frying pan who is forking out a free airplane ticket from overseas to America.  How he is taking strange women he does not know to high end resorts.  I shook my head over and over how men are with their dicks.  Oh and one more thing, they go after men whose testosterone levels are dwindling.  It's very clear that gold digging in American is not from the ground but FOR ..... rejected retired male losers with huge green.

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