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zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

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Male slave took me to Piano Recital

Bach, Beethoven etc: so creative and lively on each note. My male slave sent me in his devoted email this morning expressing who is his favorite pianist. This reminds me of the dance music played by real pianists when I was performing in Utah (University of Utah and Brigham Young University). Many times I danced to this kind of music during modern dance and ballet training.
I have to say we missed most of the recital because the male slave pushed me to fluff and twiddle up his balls.  I was out in the limo beating his ass to valentine red.  He wanted it to sting like fire.  We were late for the concert but I did enjoy my time spent in my mind to the beautiful music.  The lovely music refreshed my ruffled feathers.  I observed the male slave wiggling on his seat to the notes.  I bet his red bottom did sting which he loves to feel for days on end.  What men will do to keep themselves excited.  Grinning.  This male slave has signed papers for contract.  This is off the whip crazy, if he thinks it might ever go to court he would be publicly humiliated.  How crazy in the mind is that?  VERY! There is much trust between us and I know this will never happen.  The humiliation court fantasy is pure psycho-drama. ...... he he he big snickers and ...... )))))) smiles ((((((
Santa Clara University - Hans Boepple, Piano - October 5, 2013 Exhibition
Tags: zoe zane professional dancer utah
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