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My fluffy furry pink phone is ringing from stripper daughter about our tickers.  Watch the tickers closely, this big fat stupid, idiot government shutdown is hurting millions of Americans.  I'm hearing from many voices that ALL in the white house need to be fired.  American hard workers are so close to pulling out of 2007 house crisis and now this!  Who cares about Obama Coo-Coo Care when you can not pay your house payment.  My back spine doctor told me her aging father did not get his SS or Lockheed cheek this month.  THIS IS called Government FUCK YOU UP.  Shall we wheel her aging Dad out and ignore him?  NO!  What the GS is doing to millions is criminal.

Now for some funny news about my 3 male cats.  They do not care about the GS ONLY food and going outside.  Today, Peanut Jr. jumped off the roof again.  I have a brat cat jumping off my 8 foot roof.  This is his third time jumping off.  I need to video him jumping on the roof.  I think Peanut Jr. sees bugs or bird and goes for it.  LOL.  This male cat has the balls to bravely jump to the ground below.   Found him over in the bushes looking for more birds.  I called him to me and kissed his forehead.  All three cats are are safe inside.
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