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A Crazy Balloon Fetish

Yesterday, I get a weird request for fetish.  eeK!  Fantasy Role Play Scene:  I'm a Bose Dom who keeps corporate employees in line.  This one male has been looking at other women and myself a lot. He looks at us like a horny sex pervert and VERY unacceptable. This good looking male is on trial for sexual passes at women in the work place.  As his Bose, I tell him he must take what I'm going to dish out to him or he has NO job!  He agrees, he will do anything.  I tell him to get naked and collar him down to his knees.  He must stare at the floor.  I see he likes my feet and I make him kiss them.  He does a great job worshipping my pretty size 10 feet with 2 inch gripping lady toes.  His tongue TURNS me on.  I push my big tits into his face laughing.  I know what I am about to do next.  I chain him to a heavy chair as I walk out to put on my strapON.  He is going to get a big toy up his bottom.  His sexy Bose is going to fuck him royal.  As I start to put a rubber on my strapOn, he raises his hand up in the air.  He tells me he has a fetish for long colored balloons as rubbers. He hands me the colored balloon for my strapOn.  LOL.  How silly ..... how humiliating.  I love it.  I laugh!!!  Humiliation by Water Balloon ~ Fetish Diva Diamond

long skinny balloon
Tags: fetish diva diamond aka zoe zane
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