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My Wonderful American Horror Story Show

It's a good thing I watched American Horor Story the second time last night.  I love witchcraft anything ....so evil demon out there.  Chackling.  In Utah, I was accused of it which is so funny when I think back.  I was healing myself with crystals and the Mormon bishop called me a witch.  LOL.  After the church torturing me with their vile patriarchial ways you can see why they would blame me and not take resposibility for their actions.  It was all in the name of God what they did to keep me straight.  So watching American Horror Story is empowering me even more to the V10 Max.  What does that mean, I don't know.  HA HA HA ..... I just made it up.

I love the big black witch hat in the rain, a moving movie art show, how Jessica Lange with her black dress, heels and umbrella with different sized young women (mongoloid, black, white) followed her down the streets of New Orleans. Tasteful Film Art

While during a break watching AHS, I told my big fat cat Buddy his new name. I was theatrically laughing like a witch calling him Butterball Buddy. I wish all of you could of seen the look in his cat face. He was engaged in my words and laughter, as IF he knew my magic ways. It was entertaining, I know he loved my full attention to his whiskers and big kitty paw claws.

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