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Vacuumed tons of cat hair etc.  It feels good to be clean.  Put up some decorations for Halloween.  Had a pleasant conversation with lady friend in the front ground apartment.  She and I have survived our living quarters together.  It's nice to be connected to a nice human.

Last week I had the most amazing experience where I opened myself up with someone's tongue. I felt evil wild in sexual expression.  Reminded me of old boyfriend and Las Vegas days.

Today, I dominated a over worker-ed engineer. He loves my element of surprise and edying tease and denial game. His only wish, to have a 60 hour week. It would be heaven. Many people outside of Silicon Valley do not know the many hours worked to make Silicon Valley happen. I think a lot of people are doing over time to make things happen since the fake 2007 housing crisis.  Be strong, be fealess. believe good is for those who are good.  Keep a smile on your face!
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