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My mind is a ticker

I have 3 new boyfriends who fuck with me from 6:30AM PST to 1:00PM PST.  I call them "T", Sol and Buc.  What a ride managing all three of them.  Buc is a good boy, slow and steady.  "T" is my monkey boy who has the best body, knows how to make my heart sing song on the road. Solar is new to my den, hopefully BOA is right about him.  I'm crossing my legs on Sol.  My instincts tell me to stay in.  If below 500 ..... put that boyfriend on hold.  In time 500 will go higher to 1000 and then 2000 etc etc etc.  Yesterday, I was on a wild ride with two of them on Monday.  I see the mind of Internet tick watchers.  NEGATIVE.  I thought our GOV is to make us feel safe.  I miss the Kennedy's and their camelot.  I read the book about President Kennedy last year in 2 days.  What a story and Jackie Kennedy had much class.  I must put the NEGATIVE in the honey pot for success.  It part of the game and very real.  I hate analysts who manipulate the market and paid off by jealous power hungry companies.  In hell room of yoga last night it felt good back by the light poll with good friend Lew.  I get along great with most men in yoga.  The big muscle guy, NO! There is one in the classroom who stupid hit my car with his water bottle.  I like smart humorous men who make me laugh.  You did not see my post blog yesterday, I was tending my men.  New video for cats will be posted today.
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