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Financial Domination Human Male ATM Machine

Financial domination @ it's height and glory for human money abuse, call him ..... her_ATM boy or human male ATM machine. It thrills the male to be owned by his DOM.  Most think what an idiot this human male ATM. But does he care ..... NO!  In his $$$$$ giving .... gifts presents dollars, he surrenders himself to the Mistress who exploits him.  The human ATM might be promised something but never gets it.  When denied, humiliated, it is too high, it is too much, expoliting him ONLY excites him more.  He loves to be taken and owned.  There is always an end to his $$$$$ money donation, his financial disaster, he knows it and does not care. He has been crushed by his powerful money dom. Yes crazy and M A Y B E ..... next time he might monitor his giving and spending ?????  But he's addicted to her ownership of his bank account and ripping him off.  There is no reason, no sense to the game, the male human ATM gets his attention from his banking Mistress.  He knows he will be ruined.  He is doomed to fail.   He gets OFF on being money broke.  LOL.

Behind the scenes:  I know of a human ATM machine male slave that wants a woman to love him just for who he is.  He's obsessed and determined to be owned by a love stricken dominate woman.  He's bounced from one woman to another but no success.  In his anger, his desperate failed attempts for LOVE ..... he called the women who dumped him ..... whores, white American trash, wrinkled sports fans.  He blamed them all.  In reality he was the problem, not sexually desirable. He thought he was attractive but his self-absorbed sex drive/ego tricked him. His dick whored itself into blown out love fantasies.  ha ha ha ...  His money was the attraction to ALL the women he found attractive.  He lived in his fantasy mind and manipulated new women to love him.  A educated gentleman who did anything to make women .... LOVE HIM, love me!  After knowing that smart American women did not desire nor love him ..... he went on-line to dating sites.  He did live cam with women from foreign countries for his love.  He bought them airfare to America and resorts.  He hated buying Internet whores and had done for years.  He hated paying them and having his hand job sex with whores.  He despised whores, he hated the start and end of their sessions.  So now his financial domination moved to broken speaking English women.  Oh they were not whores but he still did give his $$$$$ to them, his whore money.  In his desperation he bought live cam whores he did'nt know.  He was amazed how fast the video on-line dating progressed.   The foreign woman called him honey, loved him, kissed him from the screen. The whole time it was a scam to get his American money.  He even ignored the like-hood of her scam.  BUT for now, even if not real, the male human ATM machine made it real love. He had not meet this gooey word women, not dated her in person but HE was in love.  Before he Skyped this foreign woman, he got engaged to another foreign woman one month after they meet.  It was clinging abusive love for him and she financially gained.  She also verbally abused him about his body. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over thinking better results.  This human ATM male machine is insane.

Society of Dominating Women's comments:  We have been called all kinds of names by angry men.  BUT whore is forbidden and this guy hates women.  Did he have a dominating Mother?  I bet he did and NO ONE can tell him how to live his life.  He is a big "know it all" and he knows he's a "big no it all".  He does not care if foreign woman take him.  He is getting what he wants.  He thinks he is loved by a broken English foreign woman.  What a bunch of doo doo for male brains.  And this foreign woman is stupid how she can fly over to America and not know him.  She's a loser just like him.  I bet she has a full time job going to school over in her gray cold country.  She has other women friends than know how to rip off dis-fucking American males.  This is hilarious how this arrogant, small dicked male thinks this woman loves him.  I bet he has ugly feet, bald, smiles like he's insane on video, a belly, trying to get himself in shape.  He hates exercise and eats unhealthy (smoker/alcoholic).  It is his last attempt to get married and will go back to his slob ways after marriage.  She will freak when she knows about his sexual problems, ugly feet. skin cancer and cut out colon.  But she might ????? marry him to get into America at any cost.  In the end she will divorce him and take his fortune.  Does he care about his fortune?  NO!  He is a loser desperate for love and she knows it. This Human Male ATM Machine will get taken by foreign women 100%.  We have iFriend.net, Facebooked, Skyped many men who are like this ATM fucked up loser machine.  He has a bank that he wants to give away for his fake fantasy that a woman loves him for him. How stupid can a male get.  5 ***** STUPID rating.  He would serve humanity better by going over to 7-Eleven and throw his money out in front of the store.  Sit and wait, see the happiness he has given to others.  But, no, this human male ATM machine is a masochists and loves women to abuse him.  He loves to hate them back for abusing him.  Psychic Fetish Adult Star ~~~ Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane
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