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My FAT Cat Buddy

20.5 lb Buddy, the Cat Charmer


officially weighs over 20 lbs.  I took him to the vet Sunday and he has to go on a diet.  LOL.  I'm thinking about getting a kitty treadmill since he is mostly indoors. I've always let all my cats go in and out.  I live in a neighborhood that is not the best for them.  A lot of wild cats and cars.  Buddy is a huge charmer.  He deserves the best in life for his monster loves and purrs.  I must put Buddy on weight loss cat food.  It's special just for him and ONLY him.  Guess who ate his diet food ...... PEANUT JR.  Peanut would eat another cat's food even it had drugs in it.  Silly pig cat.  So if one of the cats had a cold etc. Peanut would eat it all for himself.  He is looking at me right now with a scowl on his face since I told him to NOT eat Buddie's food.  STOP THAT Peanut Jr.

Peanut Jr, the Taker

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