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My Own American Horror Story

2013 has been like moving through piles of thick mud.  Are you feeling uncertain, frustrated and wondering where America is going?  I am.  I think America is in it's own American Horror Story this year. Maybe this is just how I feel and I am in my own American Horror Story.  I could be right.  Did you not take care of yourself and feel the pain?  Did you stay in a relationship that was right for you?  Are you holding on wondering if it will all work out?  Today walking around in my yard with my three cats, I told myself, I am thankful I have two feet.  I have loved my feet forever.  Feet are the foundation of your life.  This mud I am pushing through is so thick ..... and thinking will I get to the end of it.  I ran into a young black street guy with dreads with his cane who was not NOT in the crosswalk.  He was proving his point that this is my street.  See me, I am right in front of your car and in your face.  It blew me away how he made sure he was going to dominate me in my car.  WTF.  So I let him do his power play game with me on the street.  How about the guy in his silver truck who almost hit me as I turned right on the corner.  I honked, he honked back loud loud loud chasing me down the street. WTF. Road rage at it's finest.  I have been writing down on paper all my feelings about everything.  There is so much I want to scream. Are feeling the same way and want to scream too?  I am thinking about telling someone directly who hurt me deeply. I will not hold on to this person anymore and hurt myself again and again.  Have you felt used and not cared about?  Are you fed up with all their empty words and lies?  Did you fall hard for the wrong person who did not really care?  Did you feel his spiteful hurts that you did not deserve?  Where those hurts meant for "the one who hurt them" but was slung and dumped on you?  It will be done very soon.  Why hold onto to something that is not right for you Zoe.  I will be letting go of "not right for me" quickly like a two edged sword.

TWTR - what a scam for private investor. The floor traders in New York buy it at $26 and not much left for moms and pops. It goes up over $40 dollars. When the floor traders sell at $26 see what is left, a new IPO that has not made any money! I love twitter but not the stock.

TSLA - this week bombed down. I love Tesla. Elon Musk will find a way to make the batteries better. Go Elon Musk!
Whoever gave a me tip on SCTY was wrong. I'm smarter than them.  Solar City is too risky right now.
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