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Live Cam iFriends.net viewers comments

GUEST141 [13:11]: u turn me blonde
GUEST4 [13:11]: let's see your tougne do 1000 tricks
GUEST141 [13:09]: i wanna bite it hard
GUEST141 [13:09]: nice tounge bb
GUEST4 [13:09]: you tied me up zoe
GUEST22 [13:09]: hi its jordan
ILVECLIT [13:09]: <Private> it's Lisa good afternoon
KISSZOEZANE [13:09]: hi
ILVECLIT [13:09]: <Private> kisses
KISSZOEZANE [13:09]: hi IL
GUEST141 [13:09]: u look nice
ILVECLIT [13:08]: <Private> hello hellooo
KISSZOEZANE [13:08]: no 4
KISSZOEZANE [13:08]: no tell me what idid to you
GUEST4 [13:08]: hi bambi
GUEST141 [13:07]: hi sexy granny hru
KISSZOEZANE [13:07]: 101 u have to pay to hear my heels click
GUEST101 [13:07]: what cum inst enough
GUEST4 [13:07]: your cunt was nice and hairy and tasted goodddddddd
GUEST101 [13:06]: like dorothy love
GUEST101 [13:06]: yes
GUEST101 [13:06]: mmm, will techer click her heels for her naughty boy
GUEST4 [13:05]: classroom 110
GUEST22 [13:05]: hey mistress
KISSZOEZANE [13:05]: i know
GUEST101 [13:05]: hi
GUEST4 [13:04]: we met before on rb
GUEST4 [13:04]: one hot blond milf
KISSZOEZANE [13:04]: hi no 4
GUEST4 [13:03]: zoeeeeee
GoPrivate [13:02]: This session is now available to all members
FLORIDADOC [12:58]: calling
FLORIDADOC [12:58]: got iy
FLORIDADOC [12:58]: lets do it....number??
GoPrivate [12:58]:  FLORIDADOC Now @ $3.99/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
GUEST4 [12:58]: I had session with you last week teacher
FLORIDADOC [12:57]: <Private> my granny that catches me jerking off in my room.......when we connect you will walk in my room and catch me jerking off....ready?
EATMUFF33 [12:57]: whats up
FLORIDADOC [12:57]: <Private> will you be my granny??
FLORIDADOC [12:56]: <Private> ready to get dirty on the phone and make me explode?
GUEST101 [12:56]: can you click your heels like dorothy
FLORIDADOC [12:55]: <Private> can i have the discount code?  i wanna phonefuck sexy!
FLORIDADOC [12:54]: <Private> do u offer phonesex in priavet chat???
GUEST4 [12:54]: zoeeeeeeeeee
GUEST101 [12:54]: if click your heels like dorothy ill explode love
FLORIDADOC [12:54]: <Private> i wanna take u private
GUEST101 [12:53]: im a 6 inch
GUEST101 [12:53]: where are your ruby slippers dorothy
GUEST101 [12:53]: hi
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