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Hear This

What the Fu!  Before the Net women were physically raped by men, on the floor, ground, in the car.  NOW dirty hackers can hack your computer through the microphone, recording your person phone conversations.  Stealing cam video with out your permission and recorded phone conversation over the cam video.  I AM FU!  Sold the content to high ranking XXX porn site for their gain.  My video, a free clip to get members to join the site.  I AM so FU!  I just got raped on the Net.  It has happened before but not this bad.

I just discovered some hacker did a RAT Trojan on old computer XP and shut it down.  Get this:  that hacker recorded my private conversation.  Criminal invasion of my person privacy.  In the world of hackers this is the cardinal sin, a huge no no.  You never record a person's private life for public broadcast without their permission.  Big criminal, bitch.  It is all about making money from a site on the net. Exploiting Zoe Zane and my persona life for their gain.  Do you think I am mad, I AM BITCH!  Just hired a system administrator for the sinning hacker who is stalking me on the Net.  Karman is just and it is yours.
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