zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Kink with Care

Today, I listened to one of my boys and what we do together.  I'm selective on who I see.  He praised me, Miss Zoe Zane on how he could do his kink without judgement and loved how I really cared about him.  At one time he wanted to marry me, divorce his wife.  NO NO NO!  He was in love with my service and what I gave him.  I hear it all the time how men hate being married.  Over and over again.  What I give is relief, like a bandage assisting a person to keep his assets secure and his custom fantasy for his love life.  As you all know, I am well educated with many perks on many levels.  Many of my special friends love me for all of the above and much more.
Tags: zoe zane fantasy role play

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