zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Fan Love Letter to Miss Zoe

Your a sweet lady that's very smart, creative, incredibly knowledgable in your field of play.

I can only imagine how lucky the man or men that are your personal friends close to you, in your life.  They must feel so good to know you.  Lucky studs who would do anything for Miss Zoe Zane, the sexy dresser, you are incredible and mind blowing ALL the things you know and do so well.
I'm a PCA who loves to care for those who need assistance in doing things like laundry, house chores, shopping etc.
I'm a bit of a handyman, mechanics and making things run right.  It make me feel good.
Your body is a engine and it longs to feel good and work well.
Happy New Year Zoe!

You Rock
I'm almost 50 years old and age is just a number.

6ft male, blond that likes classy clean smart ladies like you.  Let's have fun and please tease me, Zoe girl.  Keep me the edge, it drives me wild with passion.  I like what you do a lot!!!

R. Hugs
Tags: zoe zane love letters

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