zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Zoe Zane Southern Charms


Recently we¹ve found that some of the other websites on Southern-Charms have linked back to our website.

What we discovered was that we were making money from this traffic as it converts well to paying members on our website also.

With that in mind we got those who were linking to us to do so through our affiliate program where we give 50% of our earnings to those who have provided us with the users that convert in to members.

As it seems to have been working so well for some so far I thought I¹d reach out to you and see if you¹re interested in finding out more?

I¹ll help you through the process and explain anything you need or answer any of your questions on how to get you setup forhttp://www.southern-charms2.com/zoezane/

Thanks for your time.


World Wide Wives Affiliate Program


Email: fiddler@worldwidewives.com

Skype: wwwfiddler


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