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Bad Giggling School Teacher Miss Zoe Zane

The up-skirt school teacher likes to wear a red bra/panties underneath her white blouse and 1950's skirt.  She sees you sneak glances at her chest.  You can't stop looking at her white blouse.  Your teacher smiles and makes you stay after school.  She likes to laugh at you as you write on her green chalkboard,  "I looked at my school teacher's blouse."  She laughs OUT loud, makes your wear a short skirt and panties as you write 100 lines.  She grins, "Sign your name."  THEN, sends you home wearing white tap panties under your pants. Cackling, Ha Ha Ha! Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond. http://www.zoezane.com and http://www.stardomtheatre.com
Tags: zoe zane fetish diva diamond

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