zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

I got it THAT

some humans are not good for you and going in a different direction.  I had this one human want me to marry his S/M games, know it all attitude and neglected body.  Used every manipulating tactic on me ONLY his gain.  At the end in agner he called me a w-hore,  disrespectful woman hater.  Good I dropped his half of an ass d-- d-- brain.  How many times has this human married, had women not want him? More toes and fingers than I counted.

It's better to be by yourself that live with a human who dislikes himself and then you. Self love is talking to yourself with praising words.  Self love is letting drama queens and I am kinda submissive go like this ..... copy paste to draft email, say what you really feel, click ----- spam folder ..... DELETE.  ha ha ha ha ha.  Trash bin and spam are my best friends.

My praising words to myself:

Nice smile
Hard Worker
Building a strong foundation
Sense of Humor
I love me, myself and by belly button.  HA!
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