zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Money Financial Dominatrix "Fetish Diva Diamond"

Hello, my name is "Live for Broke", a Swiss businessman.
I have a problem, a tremendous obsession to be a pay pig male slave.
For years, practical slavery became a bore until a beautiful dominatrix turned me into her 'financial income machine" as her money slave.
After she broke my bank account she kicked me out.  For a long time she haunted me.  I'm fixed on the thoughts that
a woman logs into my accounts, empties them completely, without scruple or remorse, and I am reduced to poverty.
I opened a paypal account January 2014 that is connect to my bank account and credit card.  I'm sending my user and password to you my glorious Fetish Diva Diamond.  I'm obsessed with you ripping me offa.
Diva Diamond, you and ONLY you can healed me and make me a beggar.  FDD, I deserve to be nothing.  You smiling at me after you see the LARGE green in your bank account is what I live for to be broke.

Slave LFB

Spoil Me Lots of Money Cash Pay Piggy

Tags: zoe zane fetish diva diamond

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