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Bubble - Elon Musk

In 2013 summer, I read all the negative reports about Tesla/Elon Musk.

Now ...... a bubble in the market 2014.  Elon is relentless.  Yesterday watched on Netflix Elon Musk rise to Tesla.  I have been waiting a long long time for Elon.   I am so blessed to even read about this man from South Africa.  Inspiring.

Elon Musk
twenty-eight multi-millionaire sold his start-up company,
Zip2, to Compaq Computers. In a 2000 merger
launched PayPal.  SpaceX or Space Exploration
Technologies Corp. 2002. In 2003, Tesla Motors, household name.
Future is bright for this

entrepreneur/Silicon Valley/Palo Alto, California,
one of the greatest business minds of the 21st century.
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