zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

From an admirer

Zoe, I've have been a fan, a member, an admirer, a follower, a Lover of ANYTHING by ZOE ZANE" over 15 years.ee I first saw you in "Aged to Perfection" with mature Porn Star Kitty Foxx.  I've been MESMERIZED EVER SINCE. Your body is Dee*CK-a-licous from head to toe, a "Flawless beauty".  I get so F-hard just thinking about what I would do to you.  I wanna kiss every single inch of you ... drizzle honey from your chest to your () ... lick till you tell me to stop ... then I pull out my 8' shovel and ball you.  Aa we switch positions....POUNDING YOU. You cum Over, and Over, and Over... When I can't hold it any longer I EXPLODE round one.  No kidding. You are the Hottest Mature Pornstar/MILF/Model/Southern Charm etc.... "Of All Time".  Glad,I finally got that off my chest. I'm sending you a couple pics of me. Figure it's only right, I've seen "ALL" of You. LOL.
Tags: zoe zane mature adult star
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