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Do you have a indigo child?

Intelligence and Learning Styles

  • Indigo's are quick learners however they may be diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, slow learner or ADD/ADHD.

  • They learn differently than others but are often highly intelligent and sometimes gifted.

  • Indigo’s are considered Highly Sensitive Beings or Ultra Sensitive People, which impact how they perceive things and interact with, and, in their environment. Their extreme sensitivities need to be considered and factored into their learning style.

  • Indigo's have a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time. They can handle a lot of things at once but can become overwhelmed and frustrated by too much stimuli.

  • They energetically pick up the information they need. They may have a photographic memory.

  • Try various teaching methods and classroom settings to see which one your child responds most readily too. There are various learning styles. Some people aretactile learners (they need to touch, explore, try it themselves, others are visual learners (they need to see it, have it modeled for them, or they need to read it themselves), or auditory learners (hearing it).

  • There are many factors to consider when choosing a school: teaching styles, personality of the other children in the class or school, atmosphere (both physically and spiritually), the harmony of the atmosphere and level of exploration. The most important element is parent/teacher communication and follow through!

  • Indigo’s are really connected to today's electronic advancement. They are a whiz on the computer.

  • They expect hi-tech, instant communication. They download info just a like a computer, it's their nature and birthright.

  • They need to learn tolerance of others. They get along great with those of like mind but have little or no patience for those who are not authentic or living their truth.

  • We as parents, educators and friends need to model behavior for the Indigo’s. We need to work on ourselves so that we can raise our vibration to their level. In order for us to be a role model, we must be at peace with who we are and what our expectations are for our own lives. We must value, love and respect ourselves in order to gain the trust and respect of the children.

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