zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Pride in Your Work

As a teenage, I hated wearing homemade sown clothes.  It was a big deal to go shopping to get shoes, a huge treat.  Today, I am so THANKFUL, I was not a spoiled, indulged child.  As the oldest kid you get all the "break-ins" from parents.  They were hard on me and never told me how good I was.  Mom could not say one nice thing about me.  She called me her BRAT!   ......  lol -  I skipped school one day to get away from all the pressure.  Dad found out I played hooky, swinging on playground swings.  Nothing but a bad rap from Dad.

But today, I take pride in my hard work.  I have self-satisfaction for making the world a beautiful and happy.  My ex-Mormon Bishop husband never lifted a finger to do anything unless he wanted to. The good from this Mormon Temple Marriage experience and his misogynist attitude (men who hates women) - who beat me down to nothing with his lack of love and words.

My hard work is not unnoticed. I AM PRIDE!
I put out positive and now asking for it to return ALL back to me!
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