zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Live cam show this morning

I was going to tease the viewers but instead I ended up on the kitchen floor next to my fridge and poured Monster Drink, diet coke, champagne, melted icre cream, chocolate syrup on my slit and naked body. It was a huge mess and slide all over my floor. Washed myself off in my kitchen sink. I am going to do a wild freak photo set all in yellow with my stupid yellow bunny sun glasses and bright yellow boa chiffon gown with yellow spiked heels. I will be the Dirty Chickie licky licky for Easter. LOL! Also this week I will do a special cam show on Thursday because I will be down in LA at Guerrilla Business School for a few days. LOL! I will need my lime green fluffy bunny and blankie to get through this school.
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