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Zoe is doing Neo again - body and emotion code

Many of you have thought I was on drugs when I did live cam shows on camZ.  Remember?  Sooner than I think, I will be on Oprah with my special trauma report to help 20-30 million people on the planet.  I wrote like a fool many times and still on the table to be edited.  Put this 2014 special report dowloaded right into my life the last six months.  I thought to myself why did I choose my life path?  I see clear why and thank my Dad for incrediable genes. AND .... my will power/determination. The message must get out to millions who are suffering with no relief.  No, I do not have cancer.  Rest yourself and know that I am safe and secure with my topless Las Vegas dancer daughter ..... whew!  The report will be simple and to the point what I experienced.

Yesterday, my life coach and I remapped my brain.  Yes I am getting new pathways.  All things are possible.  I have been working with her for the past month.  My childhood was not a good one. I am letting go of past traumas.  No, I did not try to kill myself.  This year I have been traveling to see fans all over the world.  I have taken breaks to be with my two girls and help them at the Utophia house (laughing).  The girls and I were brain washed by the LDS church that is "for and ALL men".  Women in the church will never be able to evolve if they stay.  They will always be under the thoughts and control of the ordained male priestood.  It makes no sense from a bigger picture.  How would a Universe or a God make women less?  It is man made and crusty, not from Divine energies.  If you do not believe in God I understand.  I thought I was cast out from His presence.  What a lie.  I forgive my parents for being so ignorant.  It goes back many generations the negative thoughts.  I'm erasing the negative and replacing with positive.  When you have been programmed like I was, I was all over the place (hum   ...   ?  ---  is that why many thought I was on drugs --- HA HA HA).  Those negative word programmes mess with your immune system.  It is good I did Bikram yoga for ten years.

Enough for now.  The fung shui of the house is feeling great.  More needs to be changed but a work in progress.

bedroom fung shui
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