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zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Coffee Shop Fantasy with Younger Man - Happy 4Th of July

Re: Coffee Shop - Sex in the Bathroom

Mature Zoe Zane loves younger men. She had a discreet cell phone fantasy with a San Jose male fan. He told her how much he liked her 38D boobs without a bra in public. She pinched her nipples and it turned her on. He confessed he saw her many time at the shop but to shy to say hello. She said, "Sometimes it takes years for some fans to approach me". Talking with Miss Zoe put him at ease. She told him a fantasy about sex in Star*bU*k's bathroom. She likes sex with a stranger, SO exciting. She said, "We can make a iPhone video of us alone together, it will ONLY show her face, hand or panties".
She asked. " What size shoe he wore and how tall. Did he have average fingers and nose"? He said that his fingers where long like his nose. She said, "You have a big one!" Miss Zoe twiggled below a splosh of juice on her white panties and wiggled her lips up against her fingers. He said, "How do you know it is large?" She laughed and told him, "I know men". He said, "Do you know what size it is?" She guessed and said, "Ten inches." It was a close guess and she was right. Thinking about how LARGE it was made Miss Zoe want to get herself off. Another call was coming in and she told him to send her a fantasy email ASAP. She would get back to him in 3 hours. Bye bye sweet meat. Miss Zoe hung up.

Tags: zoe zane freeones
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