zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Heart Wall

Many of you OUT there have heart walls.  How do you know that Zoe?
I know because ALL of us would be happier, joyful and peaceful.
I know you would agree by large we are not and then you might disagree.
Since 7 years old, I've had a 100 foot heart wall.  It is down to 27 feet as of last week.
Soon my heart will be a REAL happy heart.  As you know my parents were not happy people.
I am stopping all of that "CRAP and LIES".  May the force be with you and me.

3 of Swords:  Zoe your power today lies in truth or consequences. Denial or control is no longer an option.  You are ready to experience a breakthrough. Suffering, fear, or emotional loss is valid, incredible and deserves to be acknowledged, expressed in order to heal or transform the sacrifice. Zoe Zane is empowered by recognition and HER virtue is choice.
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