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Joy Chunk Bar ..... and comes in joy bitty bites too

Are you on overload with life, things are more than you can handle, decide today to reward yourself with a Joy Chunk Bar.

Joy Chunks are what makes your happy and I will show you what mine are:

- I love dance everything.  You Tube video, male dancer Jamie Berry from Just Some Motion, song Parov Stelar, get up now where you are and bam it up.  Do your dance.  Bammin" Joy Danc
- Walk on Santa Cruz Beach, No. California with wind blowing.
- Driving down my favorite freeway with car windows open.
- There is a special street in Los Gatos where I park my car and smell
   the eucalyptus trees. I love these trees.
- Hugs my male cats
- Talk to my favorite bank teller.
- Clean and organize my studio costumes by colors.
- Talk a walk in the morning down my favorite street.
- Think about the 3 wild girlfriends I had at the NPA, year 1995.
- My silver car.
- Cupertino and Apple
- Huge bamboo gardens in mountains
- Walk through tiny fairy garden in Los Gatos, California

I had a monster "Joy Chunk Bar" for breakfast. What is yours today, a joy bitty bite or joy chunk bar?  HA HA HA

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