zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Friday night radio show DiamondLou702 and 5 other female porn stars

Your Miss Zoe had fun on HIS show.  DiamondLou moved to Las Vegas because of me?  He saw one of my wild videos on the Net.  OKAY.  We missed each other,  I'm in San Jose, Califonia/Slicon Valley/Southbay baby cakes.  I experienced something different on the radio show.  I felt support from the 5 other female porn stars on the show.  We sex workers need to BE for each other NOT against each other.  Unfortunately, too many are in competition in the mature section.  I'm figuring it out there is NO competition in the mature section only insecure minds and hearts.

Zoe Zane

I will post the link to the radio show when DL702 sends me the link.
Tags: zoe zane radio

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