zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Me and black men

I have a big thing for rap, their sling, break dancing AND now step dance from a preview movie trailor???  Shall I call it street strong MTF???  I feel in love with Micheal Jackson and his thriller.  I got an old suit for a second hand store, trashed it, drove over it many times with my car to make it look like it came from a grave and dressed up like a ghoul for Halloween.  I have a huge thing for the dead and the whole scene.  Break dancing:  when it first came out I was injured ,both knees, so I organized a group of kids from 4-17 years old, a break dancing group and they performed in the Mormon church.  I was still Mormon at the time.  The kids were doing head and back spins, ticking,  doing the worm,  whatever.  It was very koo. You mamaZ, she can dance! YES, I can.
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