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Stop Hiding in My Dark Closet

Hello Internet friends, Southbay/Silicon Valley and Wall Street,

I'm based out of San Jose, California/Southbay/Silicon Valley (from 7-22 year old, Santa Clara, California jumped out of Mid-century modern windows).  Last year boldly opened a trading account. Was I scared, yes!  Now more sure of myself (August 6 2014) as a trader.  I look for top performers with 2 other females.  Grumpy Cat says no, penny stocks.

Lastest news:

I have a eating coach.  I'm eating to live, to life.  My early, traumatic childhood and brain programs, no will to live/die.  How I made it 67 is a freakin' miracle.  Am I strong?  I think so and give myself credit as a survior.  That little girl never experienced her own magic.

This year has been downside to the right and to back seat of the bus.  LOL.

 I'm all about ALL of us.  Abundant America has topped the charts for ill health in the millions.

My addiction:  it's sugar.  Not loved by either parents, I used sugar for love.  When stressed the primal brain kicks in, it bring balance and comfort.  My primal brain learned to love sugar.  It's tricky, that sugar.  And, I'm eating good fat like coconut oil, ghee, avacodo, seeds & nuts etc.  In college I had a eating disorder as a dancer.  At 100 pound, I got attention.  When you need love you do anything. Good fat=weight loss.  Coconut oil makes your hair and skin beautiful.  YES.

I'm cutting back on Bikram yoga BC the studios are competitive.  I pigged out on Bikram thinking it would make me skinny.  It stressed me more.  Will do less Bikram, other yogas and walk outside in the fresh air.  Now that good fat has kicked in, I do not have to cook myself with the Bikram yoga crowd.  Heat and Zoe are so so friends.  Honestly, I hated the heat and macho male owner Bikram Choudhury.  I will never be one of S&M torture teachers.  He would kick me out of this teacher training school, I be in the dead pose the whole 9 weeks.  Laughing at Beak Rum Chowdy Huff Huff. I got caught up in the thinking "Bikram cures everything.  Grumpy cat says, nope!

Thank the Heavens for eating coachs.  W H E W!

I am responsible for my health and happiness.  The human body takes much maintance to keep it balance.

Oh, I'm doing acupuncture and massage.  I deserve it.

Love-blasts from Auntie Z in Silicon Valley
Waves of Love, Miss Zoe Zane
Zoe Zane

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