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Our emotions vibrate at certain levels

Vibration Frequency Code

Your Vibration Frequency Code is based on an overall accumulation of emotions, your attitude and how you respond and react. How long and intense that you stay in certain thoughts and emotions that generate as feelings is what actualizes and expands the accumulated energy of consciousness that becomes your vibrational frequency.

Energy Levels

Looking at the list below we can clearly see that the lower energy levels of negative energy can really weigh us down. When we look at how the energy levels progress higher as we emotionalize love, joy, peace and enlightenment really tips the scale.

Our body absorbs whatever emotion we are feeling

If we stay in a certain emotion for any length of time becomes the vibration frequency code combined with transforming consciousness realities we are generating or vibrating.

This is a list from Dr. David R. Hawkins book, Power VS Force. In his book he also describes each one in detail.

  • Shame … energy level 20

  • Guilt … energy level 30

  • Apathy …energy level 50

  • Grief …energy level 75

  • Fear … energy level 100

  • Desire … energy level 125

  • Anger ... energy level 150

  • Pride .... energy level 175

  • Courage ... energy level 200

  • Neutrality … energy level 250

  • Willingness … energy level 310

  • Acceptance ... energy level 350

  • Reason ... energy level 400

  • Love ... energy level 500

  • Joy ... energy level 540

  • Peace ... energy level 600

  • Enlightenment ... energy level 700 - 1000

Infinite Peace is beyond into pure joy into the emotion of natural blissful ecstasy

So if we are angry most of the day we are energizing low energy that will create us to be fatigued, listless as we have no energy and prolonged low energy eventually escalates into depression and hopelessness.

So you will know that if your frequency vibration code is ranging around 150 and if you continue in that code you will become even more frustrated and tired, lacking energy.

Noticing your vibration frequency code ranges on a daily basis will inspire you to transform and move yourself to higher levels. When you continually transform any negative energy emotions to the higher frequencies you are uplifting your energy levels and you will feel energized, optimistic and full of life.

This makes it so worth continuing the process until it does become naturally habitual until you don’t have to even think about it. It just becomes the natural way to respond and life each day with every situation or encounter you experience.

Knowing Your Frequency Vibration Code

Reminding yourself that any low energy level emotion is only a habit that you have reacted to for a prolonged length of time that has created anchoring triggers that automatically brings on the emotion.

This is the reason it’s so important to be aware and transform any low energy to higher emotional energy and create new anchoring triggers. It will become the new beneficial habit whenever you notice you are in a negative emotional energy pattern and transform it for the higher benefits.

Letting Go of Buried Feelings
Raises Your
Vibration Frequency Code

All it takes is thinking a thought about something and being aware of the emotion that generates how you feel. The feelings that need releasing is the negative low energy thoughts that trigger negative feelings.

Take one of your most challenging areas that you are having a hard time dealing with and allow the feelings to surface, but this time actually become aware of the feelings for awhile and accept them. This is bringing buried emotions that may have many attachments to the surface to finally processing them to feel with awareness and finally deal with those feelings.

Once you do it and transform the low energy feeling into a higher vibration frequency code feeling then you can retest it throughout the day. Just by checking how the original thought feels, if it’s still bringing up low energy feelings, keep transforming it until eventually the old attached triggers to the thoughts have transformed. Then you know the work is done on that thought and attached emotions.

This is especially useful if you feel pain anywhere in your body because the pain is the end result of buried emotions not dealt with or processed yet.

Interview with Dr. Hawkins from the 1980's, the only part that I do not resonate with is the part that he says he no longer needed to read or learn anymore because I believe that to be open minded and evolve there's so much to perpetually learn.

One of my escort girlfriends knew a shrink from Sedona Arizona, he made me aware of emotions and their vibrations.  Last Friday with the body code practitioner I released shame from birth.  All these years I was vibrating at level 20.  I worked and worked on myself.   I let go of emotions stored in my spinal cord, brain and root chakra.  For years I used my sense of humor to get through life.  Zoe Zane

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